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    Happy 70th Birthday, Stephen William Hawking (born 8 January 1942)

    “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” - Stephen Hawking

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    I was just invited to compete for a full-ride scholarship to MSU

    ^My feelings.

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Facebook memes


    Facebook memes

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    So it really bothers me that this is our society’s way of using women to grab our attention.

    I mean, does she have to be topless and in that pose? With that, I find this much more tasteful…

    …and I’m sure you all would agree.

    This has been a PSA by David, aka paranoid-android92.


    awwwwwww yeah. hahaha

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    Decisions Update #2

    So, MIT Decisions came out today.  I was deferred to Regular Decision.  So, I guess it wasn’t a yes, but it wasn’t a no.  I can live with that.  I mean, to be deferred, you need to be one of the top of the non-accepted Early Action people.  

    I can live with this.  Just have to wait until March to find out for sure what is going to happen. Now, just to wait for Monday, for UChicago’s decision.

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    I’ve been here before.  This was the exit to Caltech.

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    So, I guess I just need to face the facts.  I was denied from Caltech.  The admissions blog I check religiously.  The place I could wander around for hours, and never get bored.  The school that always seemed better and better for me.  Gone.

    I guess I could have predicted this. I mean, I did not get a perfect on my ACT.  I come from a small school.  I didn’t do amazing in anything, comparatively.  And then, my counselor told me something that really seemed to sink into me.

    Is this fate?  Maybe I was never made to go to Caltech.  I mean, while I was there, the song “The Show Goes On” got stuck in my head, and reminded me of Caltech ever since.  But this song isn’t about happiness or acceptance.  Its a song about moving on and getting over things.  And I guess thats what I have to do.  

    Or was this politics?  It irks me that those who come from better schools, go to better schools.  That just because I am from a small town, and a small school, that I am discriminated against.  I’m sure someone from Fenwick or New Trier made it into Caltech.  But why not me?  Its a sad world we live in if this is the reason.  If all anyone is really interested in is money.  

    But I guess I just need to move on.  There is no point in mourning over something that was not meant to be.  I can just hope for the best in my other two decisions coming up.  

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    The world is a mess and I just need to rule it.

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